Abundance of Adventure in 2014

Petting Gray Whales

Lené loved petting gray whales in Magdalena Bay in Baja, Mexico.

What are we thankful for in the Journeys office? Read on to find out.

The holidays are here, and our reflection caps are on. What amazing experiences unfolded during our travels this past year? Truth be told, too many to list. So, instead of attempting the impossible, here are a few that stand out for some of our staff.

Here’s to another year of awe-inspiring adventures!

-The Journeys Team


Florine, Client Services Director: I’m thankful for the opportunity to travel to India with a wonderful group of women, all of whom are an inspiration to me. Although I was the leader of the group, it was the travelers who led me in the end. Their curiosity and openness to the world around them taught me to see India in all her beauty.




Kirsten, Africa Specialist: I am so thankful to have been able to join expert guide Paul Tamwenya to see his beloved Uganda: the extraordinary birds, the mountain gorillas, golden and other monkeys, and the people. But I am especially thankful to have had the opportunity to break bread with his family and meet the people of his own Nangaiza Village.



Kerina, Asia Specialist: I’m thankful for the opportunity to meet the Nomads of Mongolia and learn about their unique lifestyle and culture. These friendly people welcomed us into their homes and offered us their homemade yogurt, cheese, bread and airag (fermented mare’s milk).




Gail, Client Services Specialist: I’m thankful for the friendships I made (and renewed) while traveling this year. Journeys travelers are among the most inquisitive and fun-loving people you’ll ever meet. Together in China, we explored the dragon back terraces of Guangxi and drank the welcoming brew at a remote Miao Village in Guangzhou.




Lené, Latin America Specialist: Spending time in Baja, Mexico, this past February is an experience for which I’ll always be thankful. I learned so much about the colonial town of Todas Santos and made some very special friends there. But the highlight of the trip was getting to see and pet the grey whales in Magdalena Bay!