What Does Our New Tagline Mean to Us?

Journeys International has a new tagline (along with a new logo, a new website, and a new look).

It wasn’t easy to come up with it. Trying to capture the essence of anything in a few words is tough — and I think it’s especially hard to do it for something as significant and complex to you as Journeys is to all of us engaged in our branding project.

We brainstormed words that represent the identity we want to reaffirm: curious, smart, savvy, genuine, caring, open-minded, down-to-earth, passionate, bold, adventurous, playful, thoughtful, reflective, personal, relationship-oriented, unconventional, committed.

We brainstormed phrases that might somehow capture the gist of all those words: Bold Travel. Phenomenal Explorations. Travel Your Dreams. Unbounded Nature & Culture Adventure.

We experimented with them as taglines, yet nothing on our lists were quite right. We needed something memorable. It had to be different from other companies. It had to communicate nuance beyond the general concept of “travel” — it had to evoke the multiple facets that we see as all essential to a gratifying experience.

Then we tried on “Adventure Deeper.” It fit.

Adventure is exciting. It is about fun that takes you beyond your comfort zone. It evokes travel, but in unconventional forms. Adventure requires openness, and it takes explorers beyond the well-trod path.

Deeper adventure is still exciting, but it’s not just about adrenaline and fun. “Deeper” is about curiosity. Learning. Immersion. Asking questions. Getting beneath the surface. Trying to understand the true nature of a place or an idea. Looking at things from multiple perspectives.

Every Journeys trip should let you adventure deeper. And to all travelers with curiosity, heart, and a playful spirit, we want to issue the invitation to Adventure Deeper with us.

What does it mean to you to adventure deeper? Comment below with your own thoughts.